Ahnentafel Mac

IK: 4,49 AVK: 74%

Castle Grant
Runival Ruthven Gillaber Lone Piper
GB Ch. Pepperland Lyric John at Potterdale
GB Ch. Gillaber Highland Lament
GB Ch. Potterdale Birthday
Belle of Runival
GB Ch. Potterdale Conclusion
GB Ch. Potterdale Personality
Gillaber Tillykerrie    GB Ch. Potterdale
GB Ch. Potterdale Philosopher
GB Ch. Tamevalley Easter Song of Potterdale
GB Ch. Gillaber
Loch An Eilein
GB Ch. Potterdale Conclusion
Gillaber Glendronach

BH Philemon
Kindle Passion

Natterjack Just Czeching
GB Ch. Potterdale
Just William
GB Ch. Pepperland Lyric John at Potterdale
GB Ch. Potterdale Prelude
GB Ch. Diotima Blue Kisses
to Natterjack
GB Ch. Desborough Declaration
GB Ch. Diotima Gabriella
Invisible Touch
Dt. Ch. Moonhills
Philemon Choice
Moonhill Simply Red for Azeta
GB Ch. Moonhill Coming Up Roses
Beverly von der
Ch. Zotti-Floppy Bilberry Blue
Zotti-Floppy Georgina