IK: 3,1



Cameron's Lum-Bi-Ni Real Dream
HD-A, ED free. Eyes clear
Ch.Romar's Undeniable Ch. Cameron's Blue Berber
Ch. Cameron's D'arque Reflection
Ch. Cameron's The Jokes on You
Romar's Jewel Of My Heart Romar Windwhistle Ami Pour Vie
Sallen Portia HS
Ch.Cameron's Full Throttle  Ch.Balleysong He's The One Kincurran Montgomery
Friendship's Mystipue Song
Ch.Cameron's Earth Angel Ch. Cameron's D'arque Reflection
Ch.Friendship's Mystique Song

Ch. Kindle Passion Yelda
HD-A, eyes clear, therapy dog, CEA N/N

Ch. Vol de Nuit des Emeraudes du Lac    Ch. Leader des Emeraudes du Lac Ch. Snowmead Salutation
Flushing Du Vieux Moulin De Cara
Ch. R`Du Temps de Chester Ch. Snowmead Salutation
Ch. Inch Allah De Chester 
Ch. Kindle Passion`s Taliska     Ch. Gillaber Castle Grant Runival Ruthven 
Gillaber Tillykerrie   
Ch. Firstprizebears Charlotte GB Ch. Gillaber Drummond
M Ch. Firstprizebears Very Brown