IK: 0,2 AVK: 92 %, CEA N/N



Philemon Eastbound to Kindle Passion
HD-A, eyes clear, DNA print, CEA N/N
Ch. Philemon Sixth Sense Ch. Philemon Observer
Ch. Otterwish O'Connor
Ch. Moonhill In Your Dreams
Ch. Moonhill Philemon`s Dream Ch. Sammara Soft Touch
Moonhill Mystique
Moonhill Lady in Blue   Ch. Philemon Moonshadow of Moonhill Ch. Moonhill Philemon's Choice
Ch. Philemon Touch A Star
Moonhill Lily of the Valley Ch. Woodacre Wynter Knight
Moonhill Black Cherry

Ch. Kindle Passion Yelda
HD-A, eyes clear, therapy dog, CEA N/N

Ch. Vol de Nuit des Emeraudes du Lac    Ch. Leader des Emeraudes du Lac Ch. Snowmead Salutation
Flushing Du Vieux Moulin De Cara
Ch. R`Du Temps de Chester Ch. Snowmead Salutation
Ch. Inch Allah De Chester 
Ch. Kindle Passion`s Taliska     Ch. Gillaber Castle Grant Runival Ruthven 
Gillaber Tillykerrie   
Ch. Firstprizebears Charlotte GB Ch. Gillaber Drummond
M Ch. Firstprizebears Very Brown